YFC accomplishes its mission through six ministry programs operating at over 57 sites!

Click the program areas below and see locations and times. Additionally, our staff has developed a number of online connecting points for clubs and small groups built around specific ministry sites. Check out YFC's Digital Connecting Points here.

Whether its online or in person we are all about Christ-sharing relationships!

  • YFC Core

    YFC Core shares the gospel through relationships on campus

  • Campus Life

    Campus Life reaches kids through campus-based outreach and programming

  • Campus Life M

    Campus Life M (Middle School) reaches kids through campus-based outreach and programming

  • City Life

    City Life helps kids develop attitudes and behavior patterns that allow them to function more constructively in society

  • Juvenile Justice

    JJM connects trained adults with incarcerated kids to help them make good choices

  • Parent Life

    Parent Life connects trained adults with pregnant and parenting teenagers